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We’ll collect your REAL financial statements from the last 30 days and make an in-depth analysis of your spending and finances. You’ll get real, personalized feedback, about actionable things you can do to change your situation.

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personalized budget!

At the end of your episode, Caleb will create you a personalized budget and debt-payoff plan! Or a different type of plan, if it better suits your situation.

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As a thank you for coming on our show, you’ll receive our detailed budgeting course for free! This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of personal finance, so that you can make a lasting change in your life!

Are you in debt and looking for a clear path to financial freedom?

Look, we get it. Some people need tough love to implement REAL CHANGE in their lives.

Are you sick of sitting around and being complacent with your finances? How many times have you looked at your banking app and thought “Man, I really need to cut back…”

And then weeks go by…And you realize that you’ve made NO progress, and things have actually gotten WORSE.

Do you feel trapped? Feel like there’s no way out? Are you lost without a clear plan for your finances? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Maybe it’s time to try something different. Maybe you should consider coming on our show.

Receive one-on-one tough love from Caleb himself

A lot of our guests tell us they’ve NEVER had a conversation like the one they had with Caleb.

Nobody’s ever had someone else pull their finances all into one place, analyze them, and then held them personally accountable for each and every decision they made.

We’re not going to lie. This isn’t a walk in the park. These conversations can be BRUTAL.

But they can also be life-changing.

Ready to change your life? Ready to face the music? Ready to start walking the long, hard path to financial freedom?


See what everyone is saying...

Check out how Caleb’s Budgeting Advice has changed the lives of people just like you!
@mcguire13823Success Story
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"Caleb, the amount of respect I have for you trying to help people is tremendous. Don’t stop providing your services! Your a legend"
@brianb5723Success Story
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"This guest is awesome, I'd totally be best friends with him. Caleb is out here saving lives, not only directly, but also indirectly. Hes incredible at what he does."
@JSmith-dj2piSuccess Story
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"Caleb has such a huge heart. His guest today needs love and support. Sometimes bankruptcy is natures do over"
@chantalwiebe534Success Story
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"Caleb pushing all of the negative self-talk away and being supportive while still being tough on the situation is so amazing. Everyone needs their own internal Caleb to help them stay on track and be kind to themselves when they're struggling."
@anilu3021Success Story
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"Thanks for these videos. I’m helping my kids get their finances in order and hearing examples of what to think about helps!"
@MLSNYC88Success Story
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"I'm new to Caleb but I love his blend of unfiltered honesty and accountability mixed with genuine compassion at the right moments. This series could easily descend into mock the peasants, but it's not, it's financial therapy."
@SKetChy7100Success Story
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"Caleb, I just wanted to let you know that since watching you in March, my wife and I have paid off over $32k of our debt and are projected to be out of debt completely by mid next year! Thank you for the motivation"
@commedecarsonSuccess Story
Read More
"He’s so great to watch because he’s saying the things we want to hear him say. Straight up asking her about her ability to give advice when her life is so out of control. Incredible"
@jasonscherer2631Success Story
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"Watching your videos are helping me push to get more out of debt, right now we are in a bad place and working on getting out of it."
@finalgirljess_Success Story
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"Your videos have woken me up. I need to get my shit together financially. My 2023 will be focused on being financially responsible and thriving. Thank you, Caleb."
@mikaylaj99Success Story
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"I have only recently started watching your videos and they are so well done! Love the Michigan decor in the background, too. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world and showing tangible ways to get out of debt"
@thisguybrettxgbx4746Success Story
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"Your advice is so helpful your like the only YouTube channel that informs people on debt this is invaluable information I've desperately needed"
K15MA91Success Story
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"Hey Caleb you seem like a great guy. Very genuine and a well rounded and positive mindset and character. I love the audit videos. Keep going man!"
@crespo03Success Story
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"Caleb seriously thank you for making these videos. Its like I need to hear this for myself. Ive been taking my finances more serious but theyre nowhere near as bad as your guests. Holy shiy some of your guests are insane"
@brendan8915Success Story
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"Re-calculating my budget and tightening up my expenses while watching your videos. God bless you wild money man. Come to Australia and do an episode with me. Boy would we have a hell of a chat lol. Thanks for sharing this knowledge and motivation with us all mate! Much appreciated."

Our Guest Application Process

Apply to the show!

Submit your application! Make sure you follow each of the instructions carefully and submit all of the relevant information, so that our team can get a full understanding of your financial situation!

If selected, send us your statements!

If your application stands out to our casting team, we’ll send you next steps!

We’ll need you to send us your financial statements from the last 30 days, as well as complete a short video interview.

Coordinate Scheduling

Once we have all your statements, if our casting team thinks your situation is interesting enough to feature on the show, we’ll reach out to you and coordinate scheduling!

We’ll coordinate with you and discuss the details about traveling to our studio in Austin, TX to film your episode! We cast 1-3 weeks in advance.

On average, our guests pay off $8,700 in bad debt just 7 months after coming on our show!

This stat is taken from a survey sent to all of our previous guests.

Still have questions? Contact us at

Still have questions?

We understand that travel expenses can be a concern. To assist, we provide each guest with a flat rate payment intended to help offset some of the travel costs and compensate for any potential time off from work. While this payment may not cover all expenses, especially for those traveling from outside of Texas, it is meant to partially support your trip to Austin. This payment is paid out directly following your recorded conversation with Caleb.


Most guests find that the financial advice and strategies they gain from appearing on our show significantly improve their financial health. On average, our guests have been able to pay off approximately $8,700 in debt within just seven months of their visit. We hope that the potential long-term financial benefits will outweigh the initial travel costs.


Please be aware that Hammer Media does not cover full travel expenses for guests, and our filming schedule is subject to change. We also reserve the right to cancel recordings at any time for any reason.

Unfortunately, we have a policy where we don’t book a guest more than 3 weeks in advance. We’ve found that financial situations can change drastically in that amount of time, and as a content creation company, our schedule is constantly changing.


If you’re unavailable to shoot within the next 3 weeks, then please either wait to apply sometime in the future or re-apply when you’re more able to travel.

No. If you have a friend or family member that you think would be a good fit for our show, please encourage them to apply themselves, or go through the application process with them.


Coming on our show is usually a pretty intense ordeal. We want to make sure our guests know what they’re signing up for. We’ll also need the potential guest’s financial statements to move forward with our application process, so they need to be prepared to potentially send them to us.

Unfortunately, we do not offer private audits at this time. If you’re seeking financial guidance, we highly recommend taking our budgeting course which can be found here (link to the budgeting course).


If you want more in-depth financial guidance from a certified professional, please check out our financial coaching program here.

Unfortunately, no. We want our viewers to be able to fully resonate with our guests, and it’s important to us that your full face and full appearance are on camera, so that we can see your expressions and your reactions. We have a policy to not use masks, filters, voice changers, or anything that would significantly alter the appearance of our guests.


That said, to protect their anonymity, we now assign each guest a fake name before recording. We also redact all of your statements before filming and remove your name, your address, and any personal identification information on each of your statements. We know these are personal conversations and we want to protect your privacy.

Unfortunately, no. If you’re looking for investment advice or just general guidance on how to make your already good financial position even better, we would highly recommend signing up for our financial coaching program!

We built this program to help connect people in already decent financial situations with high-level financial advice. You can learn more about it and sign up here! (link)

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