Meet Caleb

My financial journey started fresh out of high school when I was in loads of debt. We’re talking private student loans, family debt, insane car debt and credit card debt fueled by McDonalds. After talking to a few friends and doing some research of my own, I realized that my situation was very bad. 

Over the next few years I developed a passion for finance and went on a mission to eradicate all of this debt from my life through saving, investing and developing my career, obsessing over the topic and taking in as much information as I could. 

From there, I decided to start my YouTube channel and see if I could help others do the same. What I didn’t know is that people would enjoy watching it 😂 and I’d film over 500 episodes. 

Now my mission is to have the conversations that I wish someone had with me over a decade ago. Not just through my YouTube channel, but also through my programs, resources, and free newsletter.  

 If you want to learn more about what I do, check out my recent episodes here. 
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