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Everything You Need to Get Out of Debt and Improve Your Financial Situation

It’s time to actually take steps to control your future and live a better life with my proven budgeting method to get you where you need to be financially.

Everything you need to stop living paycheck to paycheck and take control of your future for the first time in your life.

For Just $147 $97

48 Video Lessons with Caleb

We show you how to build a budget and how to make micro adjustments that could save thousands over the course of a year without giving up the things you love.

An In-Depth Budgeting Plan You Can Stick To

Your Comprehensive Budgeting Plan will help get you to your financial goals no matter your income or financial situation.

All the Budgeting Tools You Need

You will get all the tools that you need including a budgeting spreadsheet, retirement calculator, debt repayment calculator and grocery calculator.

Do you struggle sticking to your budget?

Are you overspending regularly? Is that overspending coming from impulse purchases? Do you simply struggle with the discipline of saving money and also paying off debt?

If so… you’ve come to the right place.

With 10 different budgeting scenarios to choose from, you can find the plan that works best for you. We cover budgeting around low income, budgeting with bad debt, no bad debt, on variable income and MUCH MORE. 

We make this easier by showing you how to make major cuts to your budget while still being able to spend on the things that make you happy. These cuts could mean 100’s of thousands if not millions of dollars more for you and your family over time. 

Finally Reach Your Financial Goals With Us.

We made sure to provide you with as much detail as we possibly could so that you have everything you need. And on the off chance that we did miss something, we will listen to your feedback and update the class.

We don’t believe anyone is in a box. We aim to address your specific situation and make sure that our advice is catered to where you are at in life. Whether you’re just starting out, or are debt free and on your way to riches.

We wanted no doubt that this class will help you reach your financial goals. No upsells or supplementary materials are needed. At $147, you have everything you need to create an effective budget that you can stick to.

With no expiration date this class will be available to you as long as you need it. All future updates to this class will also be available to you at no further charge.

See what everyone is saying...

Check out how Caleb’s Budgeting Advice has changed the lives of people just like you!
@mcguire13823Success Story
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"Caleb, the amount of respect I have for you trying to help people is tremendous. Don’t stop providing your services! Your a legend"
@brianb5723Success Story
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"This guest is awesome, I'd totally be best friends with him. Caleb is out here saving lives, not only directly, but also indirectly. Hes incredible at what he does."
@JSmith-dj2piSuccess Story
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"Caleb has such a huge heart. His guest today needs love and support. Sometimes bankruptcy is natures do over"
@chantalwiebe534Success Story
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"Caleb pushing all of the negative self-talk away and being supportive while still being tough on the situation is so amazing. Everyone needs their own internal Caleb to help them stay on track and be kind to themselves when they're struggling."
@anilu3021Success Story
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"Thanks for these videos. I’m helping my kids get their finances in order and hearing examples of what to think about helps!"
@MLSNYC88Success Story
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"I'm new to Caleb but I love his blend of unfiltered honesty and accountability mixed with genuine compassion at the right moments. This series could easily descend into mock the peasants, but it's not, it's financial therapy."
@SKetChy7100Success Story
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"Caleb, I just wanted to let you know that since watching you in March, my wife and I have paid off over $32k of our debt and are projected to be out of debt completely by mid next year! Thank you for the motivation"
@commedecarsonSuccess Story
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"He’s so great to watch because he’s saying the things we want to hear him say. Straight up asking her about her ability to give advice when her life is so out of control. Incredible"
@jasonscherer2631Success Story
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"Watching your videos are helping me push to get more out of debt, right now we are in a bad place and working on getting out of it."
@finalgirljess_Success Story
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"Your videos have woken me up. I need to get my shit together financially. My 2023 will be focused on being financially responsible and thriving. Thank you, Caleb."
@mikaylaj99Success Story
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"I have only recently started watching your videos and they are so well done! Love the Michigan decor in the background, too. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world and showing tangible ways to get out of debt"
@thisguybrettxgbx4746Success Story
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"Your advice is so helpful your like the only YouTube channel that informs people on debt this is invaluable information I've desperately needed"
K15MA91Success Story
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"Hey Caleb you seem like a great guy. Very genuine and a well rounded and positive mindset and character. I love the audit videos. Keep going man!"
@crespo03Success Story
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"Caleb seriously thank you for making these videos. Its like I need to hear this for myself. Ive been taking my finances more serious but theyre nowhere near as bad as your guests. Holy shiy some of your guests are insane"
@brendan8915Success Story
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"Re-calculating my budget and tightening up my expenses while watching your videos. God bless you wild money man. Come to Australia and do an episode with me. Boy would we have a hell of a chat lol. Thanks for sharing this knowledge and motivation with us all mate! Much appreciated."

What You'll Learn

This course has no magic pills! We simply walk you through building your budget, using a systematic approach. We give you all the time tested tools we know, to make sure you’re maximizing your money.

How to save 100’s of dollars a month

How to save 100’s of dollars a month without sacrificing your health and wellbeing through small changes to your budget. 

Our Budgeting System

A budgeting system that helps you stick to your budget.

Spend Less On Groceries

How to eat sustainably and still spend less than $300/month on groceries for an individual. We do not skimp. We make sure to eat well and meet caloric needs with this budget. 

Budget For Your Life Scenario

How to budget for your specific life scenario. We leave no stone unturned, and if we did, email us and we’ll get you an answer.  

Your Hammer Budgeting Score

Calculate your Hammer Budgeting Score! Our new score calculator  helps you track if you’re budgeting correctly. 

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Enroll Today For Caleb Hammer's Budgeting Method.

It’s time to actually take steps to control your future and live a better life with my proven budgeting method to get you where you need to be financially.
  • Full Price $147
  • Your Price $97

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Finally take control of your finances and enroll today!

It’s time to actually take steps to control your future and live a better life with my proven budgeting method to get you where you need to be financially.

Still have questions?

 Signing up for the class will get you access to our exclusive support email!

We see this course as an investment. We wanted to make sure there was no doubt that this course could provide you with enough value.

Yes. As we get feedback from class purchasers and as new information comes out, we will keep this class updated. All updates will be free.

This class will give you tips and tricks to save money, increase your income and plan for your future that you can take and apply to any system. 

This class is built for those who want to make any improvements to their budget. If you want to use our entire system, then you can. But, if you just want tips and tricks, we have a lot sprinkled throughout this course than can show you how to save a few dollars here and there and improve your situation, no matter where you are in life.

Yes! This class works for those not in the U.S. as well. We teach you how to think critically about your financial situation and make changes based on your specific situation. 

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