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Learn proven investing methods for reaching financial freedom. No matter how much money you have.

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For Just $147

Screw the get rich quick schemes. Here’s everything I’ve learned FROM THE REAL EXPERTS about investing.

55 Lessons on Investing with Caleb

We meticulously go through the entire investing process from front to back. Everything from the basics of a stock, to opening an account and building a portfolio. No stone is left unturned.

Comprehensive Tools & Worksheets

These worksheets include all the information you need to start investing. Including the most popular portfolio strategies, the funds that fit the portfolio and complete guides on retirement and investment planning and more!

Information for Everyone

Whether you’re self-employed, looking to save for your children, or are behind on retirement, we tell you what investment options you have available to you (and how they can save you money on taxes).

If you don’t have your money invested, you are burning cash…

Don’t be mistaken, holding cash especially in times of high inflation is eating your money. As a matter of fact, at a 3% inflation rate, a 30 year old who’s money is completely in cash will have 40% the buying power..

You can fight this decay and significantly grow your money by investing the right way.

We’ll show you how the experts invest. and dig into how to build a portfolio that’s not only time tested, but works for you and your specific situation. We’ll tell you exactly why this works using data and history to back us. 

Learn how to make your money work for you, even when you only have a little cash.

We sort through the b.s. and only give you what the experts know works.

My team and I don’t cut corners. We understand that the world of investing has a lot of pitfalls. We sort through the b.s. and only give you what the experts know works. 

This class is built for absolutely everyone. Whether you just want a completely passive way to grow your money or you want to take a more active approach and learn the world of stocks. We cover it all. Even walking you through the platforms you need to succeed. 

With no expiration date this class will be available to you as long as you need it. All future updates to this class will also be available to you at no further charge.  

See what previous students are saying...

Check out how Caleb’s qdvice has changed the lives of people just like you!

HailiePrevious Student
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"You fired me up about my finances and inspired me to pay off all my debts and focus on my financial future! Thank you!"
FrancinePrevious Student
Read More
"I love how interactive the course is, as well as being apart of a community with the purchase of the course."
KenPrevious Student
Read More
"Caleb, your content lit a fire under me to get control of my money, and I'm now building wealth at levels I never though possible. Thank you for all you do and teach! "
EricPrevious Student
Read More
"Finally! A course that's fun and easy to understand. Caleb is a great teacher who's informative, funny and relatable. I'd highly recommend it to anyone!"
AustynPrevious Student
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"Caleb Hammer has given me hope. I kept hearing from others that if I messed up in my 20s, then it would be too late for me to make any sort of changes or have a decent future. I've learned that nothing is too far gone without hard work and commitment."
KristaPrevious Student
Read More
"Thank you for providing a product that helps many people in many different situations! I love how you stand by that one size does not fit all mentality, it makes the program more approachable for more people."
ErinPrevious Student
Read More
"I’m working Caleb’s suggested plan and feel I’m more in control of my money than I’ve been in years. I see a light at the end of the tunnel."
CaitlinPrevious Student
Read More
"I didn’t think I had a serious issue with my spending habits before taking this course . Now that I’ve developed a budget - the truth hurts! I’ve gained more confidence in my spending decisions and think about the “Happy Scale” before swiping my card since taking this course."
FidelPrevious Student
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"Caleb is such a natural when it comes to money talk. I like how straight up the course is and how it can apply to anyone's situation. One part of the course I didn't realize that helped me so much was the section on how to save on groceries and make cheap meals that are still good and nutritious. This course should be given to everyone no matter their situation."
AustynPrevious Student
Read More
I have been able to complete my baby steps, reduce all of my debt to only student loans, and have a baby savings. I have been very grateful for this program as it's the only one I've ever seen that incorporates mental health and real challenges with financial goals.
JamesPrevious Student
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"Before master your money I knew My situation wasn't good. Building context and a tangible goal through Master your money gave me a better direction than just accepting the fact that I will be in debt forever. With planning and sacrifice it will be possible to get my financial life in order"
MikePrevious Student
Read More
The way Caleb presents the lessons in this course is fantastic. His method of communicating financial knowledge really feels like its coming from one of your friends and not some dry boring professor. This makes staying with the lessons much easier, and makes the information stick a whole lot more.

What You'll Learn Inside The Ultimate Investing Class

This course has no magic pills! We simply walk you through building your budget, using a systematic approach. We give you all the time tested tools we know, to make sure you’re maximizing your money. 

The basics of investing

Understand Bonds, Dividends, Stocks & Mutual Funds(BDSM) and everything in between.

Investment accounts overview

Learn what investment accounts you need and where to open them. Take advantage of the tax advantages that Uncle Sam provides you for investing.

How to start investing

How to open an account and make your first investment.

Retirement planning

How to plan for retirement. Spoiler… its a simple plug and play formula.

Investment risks

Understanding your risk profile and how that changes what investments you should consider and which you should avoid. 

Investment portfolio strategies

We go through 5 different portfolio strategies. Popularized by the likes of Warren Buffet, Yale University, and other investment experts and institutions. 

Index Funds and ETFs

We give you a short list of the Index Funds and ETFs you can buy to fulfill the needs of your portfolio strategy. 

Strategies for everyone

If you’re self employed, behind on retirement or nearing retirement, we address your specific investment needs. 

Alternative tax advantaged accounts

We explain the alternative tax advantaged accounts available to those with kids, the self-employed, and high deductible health plans. 

How to use Moomoo

A step by step guide for utilizing Moomoo to analyze and invest in individual stocks

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  • Normally $147
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Enroll Today For The Ultimate Investing Class

Learn the proven investing methods for reaching financial freedom. No matter how much money you have.
  • Normally $147
  • Your Price $97

Special Offer!

Don’t Miss Out! Available for a limited time.

Finally take control of your INVESTING and enroll today!

Learn the proven investing methods for reaching financial freedom. No matter how much money you have.

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A: We see this course as an investment. We wanted to make sure there was no doubt that this course could provide you with enough value.

A: Yes. As we get feedback from class purchasers and as new information comes out, we will keep this class updated. All updates will be free.

This class is not investment advice. We educate you on the various tools you have available to you but you must make your own decisions or seek a professional investment advisor. 

A: This class is an overview of all of the time tested investing principles we know. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just need a couple tips, we priced it in a way that anyone can take advantage of. 

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